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President Donna Bonnicksen E-Mail Donna
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Treasurer Eunice Revsbech E-Mail Eunice
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Karen Brittan E-Mail Karen
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Board Member Corri Gilbertson E-Mail Corri.
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Our Next Meeting

We generally meet the first Thursday evening of each month, September-June. Come and join us!

Our next meeting will be Feb. 4th, at the home of Corri Gilbertson, beginning at 7:00 PM, and our program will be on how to select a quality dry dog food, and we will also be discussing MiniPalooza at Purina Farms in Missouri the end of March.


Each applicant must have attended at least two club meetings before applying for membership and that application requires the sponsorship of two club members. After the application is read, it is published in the club newsletter and is then voted on by the membership at the following meeting.

Dues are $15/single and $20/couple; our newsletter, "The Whiskbroom", is available for those living outside the eight-county metro area for $15/yr.

Further information on applying for membership can be found in our Constitution.

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