ABBY OF LOWRY HILL, UD owned by Steven Sohre & Michael Reardon and handled by Mike. Abby earned a Dog World Award while competing for her Companion Dog degree in 1998, as well as multiple High in Trials. These were won from the Novice A class, and at least one of her High in Trials was accomplished at an all-breed outdoor show. Abby is the 3rd Ranked Schnauzer in the country in the Delaney Rankings and the #5 Terrier in the country for 1999. Abby
OTCH. BONANZA'S MISS DARK SHADOW, owned by Eunice Revsbech. In 1980 Missy became the second Miniature Schnauzer and the third terrier to earn an Obedience Trial Championship in the United States. She was among the top ten Miniature Schnauzers in obedience for eight years, earning numerous Highest Scoring Terrier, Highest Scoring Miniature Schnauzer, and Highest Scoring Dog in Trial awards along the way. Missy
BONANZA'S SANN'S MIRANDI, CDX, owned by Eunice Revsbech. Andi earned a Dog World Award in 1982 while competing for her Companion Dog Excellent Degree.
U-CDX BRITMOR ADAM DOUBLE TROUBLE, UD, JE, OA-P, OAJ-P, CAN. CDX, ASCA-UD, CGC, owned by Gail and Lloyd Arnoldi. Adam earned three Dog World Awards while competing for his obedience degrees and has five High in Trials. He placed 1st or 2nd in all his legs toward each of his obedience and agility titles, and to top that all off, he has his Junior Earthdog title! Adam
MACH BRITMOR BEWITCHED, CD, JE, S-NAC, EAC-v, S-NJC, O-NJC-v, O-EJC-v, S-NGC, OGC-v, S-TN-N, O-TN-O, WV-O, TG-N, AMSC-VA, CGC, owned by Katie and Karen Brittan. In 2005 Witch became the first schnauzer in Minnesota to earn her Master Agility Championship. She was the oldest schnauzer and the 3rd-oldest dog (according to 5/31/04 records) at the age of 12 years, 11 months, 7 days old. The most remarkable part of this is that Witch had had a femoral head and neck ostectomy three years earlier due to an injury. Witch
AM. CAN. CH. BRITMOR SUNNYMEADE FROST, AM. CAN. CDX, CG, breeder/owner/handled by Karen Brittan. Sunny was the first Black-and-Silver to win an all-breed Best-in-Show (1983) and was also the first Miniature Schnauzer to be triple-titled, earning degrees in conformation, obedience, and field. Sunny
CASTLE'S C ROB ROY, AM. CAN. CDX, CGC, owned by Shannon and Gail Arnoldi. Bobbie earned Dog World Awards for both his Canadian (1987) and American (1989) Companion Dog Degrees. These degrees were achieved at the tender age of 10 and 12 years, respectively, while his American and Canadian Companion Dog Excellent degrees were earned at the age of 12 and 13 years. Bobbie was 14 yrs. young when Gail decided to go for his Canine Good Citizenship degree. Bobby
LIL SIDNEY HIGH IN TROUBLE, CD, owned by Mike Reardon and Steve Sohre and handled by Steve. Sidney received a Dog World Award while competing for her Companion Dog degree, and placed first in her class in eight of the nine shows in which she was shown.
LINDENS CR MEISS SCHWARZ DAME, UDX owned by Louise Botko. Shea earned a Dog World Award while competing for her CDX, with several High in Trial awards, and was in the Delaney Rankings for three consecutive years in the early 90's, with her highest ranking being #3 Miniature Schnauzer and #7 Terrier. Shea also ranked in the Shuman System during that time and had earned her Utility Degree by the age of three. Shea
CH. MARGOT'S HEADMASTER, bred and co-owned by Jean Goettelman. Winston was the #1 Black & Silver in the country in 1994. Winston
CH. MARGOT'S LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS, bred and owned by Jean Goettelman. J.D. was the #1 Black & Silver in the country in 1993, and is the result of 4 generations of top producers. JD
P.J.'S SIR WINSTON OF MADCHEN, CDX, owned by Pamela Christensen. Winston earned a Dog World Award in 1995 while competing for his Companion Dog Degree. He finished the year as the 7th-ranked obedience terrier, and 3rd-ranked Miniature Schnauzer in the nation. Winston was ranked #9 Miniature Schnauzer in 1997.
SGT SARA VON BUFFERIN, CDX, TD, MX, USDAA-ADCH, FDX, CGC, owned by Ruth Van Keuren. Sara was 2nd in the nation at the United States Dog Agility Association Competition in 1996 and was one of the first 49 Agility Dog Champions in the country, and the first in Wisconsin. This was achieved at the age of ten years. Sara
SHOARS BLACK ABRACADABRA, AM. CAN. CDX, owned by Eunice Revsbech. Abbey earned a Dog World Award in 1995 while competing for her AKC Companion Dog Degree, and ended the year as the 10th-ranked obedience Miniature Schnauzer in the country. Abbey
SOUTHCROSS BRIX ON THE RD TO OZ, CD, owned by Louise Botko. Brix earned a Dog World Award while competing for his American Companion Dog Degree in 1997, with two High in Trials along the way. In 1997, Brix was ranked #2 Miniature Schnauzer and #4 Terrier in the Delaney System. Brix

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