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By Karen Brittan

A breed club is only as good as its members, but even a handful of people wanting a successful club can make it work.

The most important thing is to have a well-written Constitution and By-Laws. This is the heart of any club, and it is imperative that these be followed to the letter at all times. A breed club is, after all, a club of many different people, with different interests, not just of one or two people who may enjoy going on little power trips now and again. Power trips will never work, and should never be allowed to happen. "For the good of the club" should always be the first and foremost thought of every member.

The primary purpose of a breed club, beyond the obvious one of enjoying the companionship of other schnauzer lovers, is that of education, not only for its own members, but for the general schnauzer-loving population. Most breed clubs are made up of primarily pet owners, but those members who show in conformation, obedience, agility, and any of the other performance events have so much knowledge to offer everyone, and these people should always be the first line of resource for the club. A monthly program is essential to draw members into each meeting, and it needs to be current and of interest to at least part of the membership each month. Not everyone cares about conformation, and not everyone cares about obedience, and more would be interested in nutrition, first aid, dog behavior, etc., but it is imperative that ALL facets of owning, showing, and breeding a schnauzer be touched on at some point in time in order to keep everyone's interest high.

It is important to keep the fun level in the club up by occasionally having such things as potlucks, Christmas parties, or summertime picnics, particularly events where everyone can bring his/her own dog to just hang out. Games involving the dogs are always a big hit, too. It is important for all to remember that people can love their schnauzers and not know (or care) a thing about showing them. Pet people can sometimes be a club's best asset by supplying the labor necessary behind the scenes. And who knows? That pet person today may be your conformation or obedience competitor in a year or two.

Politics belong in government, not in dog showing, and certainly not in a breed club. A breed club is a place where people who share a common love in the Miniature Schnauzer band together in the interests of the breed, in friendship, for education, with all politics, fighting, and competition left outside the doors.

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