Few things are worse than stepping in a pile of a dog's stool that some irresponsible dog owner has not picked up.

Being responsible for your dog is YOUR job. You would not expect a stranger to change your child's dirty diaper, nor should you expect them to pick up after your dog.

Be a good neighbor and responsible dog owner. When you take your dog for a walk, or for that matter, anywhere away from home, carry along sandwich-size plastic bags, preferably a full bag with an opening at the top rather than one with a side opening to allow for a fold-down flap.

Carry a box in your car and always have some in your pocket when your dog is out with you.

1. To pick up after your dog eliminates, simply put your hand in a plastic bag and pick up the solid waste.

2. Grasping the waste, turn your hand so the palm is up, with waste in your palm.

3. Slip the bag away from your hand and up over the waste.

4. Secure with a twist tie or knot the bag and dispose in a proper garbage container.

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