1. The dog should be groomed every 6-8 weeks.

2. The furnishings (beard and leg hair) must be thoroughly combed at least every other day. Never comb just the outer hair, but get all the way down to the skin.

3. At least every two weeks (preferably weekly) your dog's legs and beard should be shampooed. A hair dryer works best to fluff dry. Combing should be done both before and after bathing to prevent matting.

4. Nails should be trimmed every week to ten days--just a sliver can be taken off. They should never touch the floor when the dog is standing nor should you hear the nails click on the floor when the dogs walks.

5. Hair must be pulled out of the ears to prevent ear infections. Just puff an antibiotic ear powder onto the hair and pull hair out with your fingers. Rubber office fingers help grasp the hair more easily.

6. Hair between the pads should be trimmed regularly. The hair should not stick out from pads--it should be level with them. This will help prevent splayed feet and matting between the pads.

7. The matter from your dog's eyes can be cleaned out almost daily so as not to leave a stain or acquire any build-up.

8. Twice a year your veterinarian can clean your dog's teeth to prevent gum infections, tooth decay, and/or bad breath (unless you brush your pet's teeth daily or learn how to scale teeth yourself).

9. When working on your dog, ALWAYS put him/her on a table, bench, or something elevated so he knows you mean business. A bath mat is a good non-skid surface for your dog to stand on. Only quit combing, etc., WHEN YOU ARE DONE and not when your pet thinks you should be through.

10. The breeder can teach you how to do most of the above procedures.

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