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A Word About Who We Are

Club Members and Their Dogs

The Twin Cities Miniature Schnauzer Club is a group of people who are brought together by their interest in the Miniature Schnauzer breed of dog. The club serves enthusiasts in the eight-county area surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

What Makes A Good Breed Club?

Twin Cities Miniature Schnauzer Club's Constitution

Twin Cities Miniature Schnauzer Club's Code of Ethics

Club Officers

President Donna Bonnicksen E-Mail Donna
Vice President Peg Nolz E-Mail Peg
Secretary Stacey Dahlby E-Mail Stacey
Treasurer Donna Bonnicksen E-Mail Donna

Our Next Meeting

We generally meet the first Thursday evening of each month, September-June. Guests are always welcome!

Our next meeting will be Thursday, May 3, 2018, at 6:30 pm, at the Ramsey County Library, 2180 Hamline Ave. No., in Roseville.

We will be meeting in the Community Room, which is just inside the entrance and to the right. They do not allow food to be brought in from outside, but they allow food and beverages from Dunn Brothers, which is inside the library and is open until 9 pm.

Our program will be on toothbrushing and nail trimming, and we will be watching two veterinary videos on the subjects.


Dues are $15/single and $20/couple; our newsletter, "The Whiskbroom", is available for those living outside the eight-county metro area for $15/yr.

Club Activities

Grooming classes are generally offered once a year for those wanting to learn to groom their own dogs. Please contact Donna Bonnicksen or Karen Brittan for further information.

An exhausted Terra near the end of the day.Dagney in Pouch

We have a demonstration team that gives talks and demos (obedience, grooming, etc.) about the Miniature Schnauzer.

We have had great times at the State Fair doing demos and benching with our dogs in the Dog Exhibit Building, and we have also benched at the Twin Cities Pet Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

,br> Please adopt me! Rescue

Twin Cities Miniature Schnauzer Club will no longer be involved in rescue. If interested in a rescue dog in the Twin Cities area, please contact Pam O'Brien for further information.

You can read more about some rescue dogs looking for forever homes on the rescue webpages:

Minneapolis St. Paul Miniature Schnauzer Rescue and Schnauzer Rescue of Minnesota.

Information About Our Specialty

TCMSC'S first Annual Specialty and Obedience Trial was held in 1977, and we have been doing this yearly ever since.

Here are the results of some of our previous specialties:

2006 show
2005 show
2004 show
2003 show
2002 show
2001 show
2000 show
1999 show

Our first ever All-Breed Obedience and Rally-O Trial was in 2015 and was a HUGE success! We also now do this once a year.

Upcoming Area Dog Shows

Conformation, agility, obedience, earthdog.... what tickles your fancy? Check for events in your area.

Schnauzer Hall Of Fame

TCMSC dogs who have achieved special mention while competing in performance events.


Here Is A Look Back At Some Past Notable Accomplishments

MACH Britmor Bewitched, CD, JE, MX, MXJ, Novice Versatility, 1000 Lifetime Points, S-NAC, S-NJC, S-NGC, OAC, EAC-V, O-EJC-V, OGC-V, WV-O, TN-O, O-NJC, O-TN-O, O-WV-N, O-TN-N, TG-N, CGC, AMSC Versatility Award
Katie & Karen Brittan
Superior Open Tunnelers
Britmor Fly Boy, ME, MX, MXJ, Novice Versatility, 1000 Lifetime Points, S-OJC, O-OAC, EAC, EAC-V, EJC-V, NGC, NGC-V, TG-O, O-TN-E, WV-O, CGC
Karen & Katie Brittan
Novice Agility Preferred
Novice Jumpers W/Weaves Preferred
Rally Novice
Outstanding Elite Agility, Veteran
Outstanding Elite Tunnelers
Outstanding Open Touch N'Go
Britmor High Flyer
Karen Brittan
Rally Novice
Britmor Let the Dirt Fly, OA, OAJ, NAC, NGC, TG-N, WV-N, O-NAC, O-NJC, O-TN-N, O-NGC, O-TG-N, O-WV-N, S-NAC, S-NJC, S-TN-N, OJC, TN-O, O-TN-O
Katie & Karen Brittan
Agility Excellent
Excellent Jumpers W/Weaves
Master Excellent JumpersW/Weaves
Rally Novice
Superior Novice Chances
Superior Novice Touch N Go
Superior Novice Weavers
Open Agility
Open Chances
Open Touch N Go
Outstanding Open Agility
Outstanding Open Jumpers
Outstanding Open Chances
Outstanding Open Touch N Go
Superior Open Agility
Superior Open Jumpers
Superior Open Chances
Superior Open Tunnelers
Elite Jumpers
Elite Tunnelers
Outstanding Elite Tunnelers
Novice Triple Superior
Superior Novice Versatility
1000 Point Award
AM/Intl/U CH Crown's Little John, OFA, TC, CGC
Kathy DuVall
Registered Therapy Dog
Rally Novice
Rally Advanced
Rally Excellent
Margots To The Max, RN
Donna Bonnicksen & Jean Goettelman
Companion Dog
Mari's Tifany, OFA, TC
Kathy DuVall
UKC Championship
Intl CH Nordwind's Burst of Energy, OFA, TC, HT, CGC; AHBA-HCT, JHD
Kathy DuVall
Registered Therapy Dog
PT-Pre-Trial Tested
UKC Championship
Ruffian's Rowdy Wrestler, CDX, NA, NAJ, Novice Versatility, NAC, NJC, NGC, TN-N, WV-N
Kristin Omdahl
Open Agility
Open Agility Jumpers
Open Agility
Open Jumpers
Open Chances
Open Tunnelers
Open Weavers
Open Touch N'Go
Open Versatility
Triple Superior Open
Elite Weavers
Elite Touch N'Go
Elite Tunnelers
Southcross Christmas Star, CDX
Louise Botko
Utility Dog
Rally Novice
Springkis' Halcyon v. Kalif, RN, NA, NAJ
Marjana Callery
Companion Dog
Rally Advanced
Rally Excellent


image Miniature Schnauzer Breed Standard

image Hints on Buying a Miniature Schnauzer

image Should I Have My Schnauzer Neutered?

image Interested in Breeding Your Dog?

image Care of Your Schnauzer Between Groomings

image Be a Responsible Dog Owner

image Poop Patrol

image Locating Lost/Stolen Dogs

image When the Bond Is Broken


Caution! Be aware that having a well-written and possibly appealing web site in no way guarantees the quality of the dogs a person might have for sale. There are instances of both puppy mills and unethical, unknowledgeable breeders with, in some cases, award-winning web sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is up to you, the buyer, to sort through these "ads" just as you would have to if you were seeking a dog through the newspaper or a dog magazine.

Remember, AKC-registered in no way guarantees quality, and a good breeder never has to advertise his puppies because he usually has a waiting list before dogs are even bred, and sales are often the result of "word-of-mouth" advertising.

Anyone looking to purchase a "registered" dog should be aware that the only legitimate registry in the U.S. (recognized by foreign registries) is the American Kennel Club. Most of the puppymillers are now registering their puppies with the Continental Kennel Club or the American Purebred Registry to get around AKC's DNA requirement for frequently used (breeding) dogs. If one goes to purchase a puppy, ASK what registry it is registered with. If the response is CKC, APR, APRI, or one of the other pseudo registries, RUN the other way! (unless one lives in Canada... the Canadian Kennel Club is a most respectable registry). If one buys one of these pseudo-registered dogs, it is NOT a breed-worthy dog; it should be spayed/neutered ASAP. And be aware that the roots of this dog go back to a PUPPYMILL!

Please exercise extreme care as you travel the rocky road of the Internet Cyber Highway!


Another GREAT animated schnauzer© GIF created by Karen Brittan!

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